Rally In The Pines 2023

Rally Cares!
Over the 15 years of Rally In The Pines, each year we step up and help local charitable organizations with donations and fundraiser's. Plus, trail clean up & maintenance.
Below are a few of the ways Rally In The Pines steps up to help!

For the past 14 years, Rally In The Pines volunteers have done trail maintenance on 300 to 400 miles of trail each year. This maintenance includes trail cleaning of trash, cutting out downed trees from across trails, the removal of large rocks from trails, donation of cattle guards & repair of bridges.

For the past 10 years, Rally In The Pines has had food drives at each of the events. The people who come to the event donate food and cash. Then Rally In The Pines matches their donations. Each year the amount has grown. In 2021, over $1000 worth of food was donated to the Challis Helping Hands Food Pantry. This year we donated over $1,500 in food to the Challis Food Bank!
Can we reach our goal of $2000 worth of food for 2023?

Rally In The Pines Food Donation

Donations To Historical Societies
For 4 years, Rally In The Pines donated to the local Custer County and Lemhi County Historical Societies. We are proud to of helped with a donations of over $1000 to the museum and historical society in Mackay and in 2019 a donation of over $2000 to the Lemhi County Historical Society.

Helping Local High Schools & 4H Clubs
For the past 10 years, Rally In The Pines has been pleased to help local young people meet their goals by sponsoring fundraiser's for them. The fundraiser's have helped purchase athletic equipment, cheerleader uniforms, corral fences, drama department programs and more. The kids worked hard at ATV/SxS washes, bake sales and more right at the event.

Rally In The Pines is looking to do so much more in the future. Most years, we have 2 to 3 organizations that we work with for donations and fundraiser's. If you know of an good local organization that could benefit from a donation or a fundraiser, please contact us at: info@rallyinthepines.com.
Thank you!!



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