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Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of services does Challis, Idaho have?
Challis is a small friendly community which boast a population of 1100 residents (more in the summer). Challis has a large full service grocery store, many convenience stores / gas stations, banks & ATM's, parts stores and much more.
The restaurants in town are very good. You can choose from family run cafes that have excellent food, to a bar & grill.
Challis is appox 50 to 60 min away from the Rally Base Camp.

For non-ethanol gas, convenience store, propane, tire repairs, parts and more, Kimble Oil & Gas is your one stop shop. Located at 310 N Hwy 93 in Challis.


When is the Rally In The Pines?
Rally In The Pines 2023 is July 5th - 9th.
Registration Check-in for Rally In The Pines will be done electronically, before you arrive. You will receive your tickets by email. Please make sure you have your tickets ready when you arrive at the gate.

Everyone who arrives between 9:00am Wednesday, July 5th and 6:00pm Thursday, July 6th AND has their tickets ready for the volunteer at the gate will receive 2 Free raffle tickets!!

You will be emailed your tickets within 30 days of registering. Please print off your tickets and bring them with you.


What is the cost for Rally In The Pines?
Rally In The Pines is $149 per person. (This includes all activities, plus the pancake breakfast, Campfire Dinner & Western BBQ Dinner)
Kids 12 and under are free.
Camping is $95 per camping spot, for the entire 5 days of the event.
There is discounts available during Early Bird Registration. Please join our email list for more information.

I have a group of people coming. How can we all camp and ride together?
No problem at all. Everyone can ride together on all rides.
We will have a limited number of Group Camping Sites available in 2023. Please call for more info and/or to reserve one. All other camping spots are on a first come, first serve basis.


How many activities can I do at Rally In The Pines?You can explore hundreds of
Your registration covers all the activities at Rally In The Pines. Make sure to visit the Information Station upon your arrival to the Rally Base Camp for all the details. Get ready for a fun time!!

Camping Is Available At The Rally.
Camping at Rally In The Pines Base Camp is dry camping only. We are off-the-grid and in the central lowlands surrounded by three mountain ranges. The Base Camp is NOT an RV Park and there are some County maintained gravel roads (12 miles) you must travel to reach the Base Camp. The Base Camp is in the high desert lowlands, in the valley between the mountains. It sets at 7000 feet elevation. The mountains around you average between 9,000 to 12,800 feet.
Camping is $95 per RV/camper for the entire event.

Unfortunately, there will be no tent camping at the Base Camp.
Everyone MUST have their own bathroom facilities.
There are no showers or porta potties in the camping area.

For cell service right at the Rally Base Camp you will need either a satellite service or a cell phone booster. We have tested Verizon at the Base Camp with a good booster system, it works very well for voice, text and internet.
Internet is
slower than normal with a small cell booster.
Please Note: There is good cell reception a few miles down the road or a little ways up on the mountain behind the Base Camp.

At Rally In The Pines we have group camping sites available with picnic tables and campfire rings. Firewood is provided. The group sites can accommodate 12 to 24 RV's. Please call us if your group is interested. Additional fee is required.

We also have a community campfire ring at the Rally Pavilion for everyone's use. Firewood is provided.

There is horseshoe pits and Cornhole at the Rally Pavilion too!!


What will the weather be like at the Rally Base Camp?
In July, Idaho is warm and dry and the Rally Base Camp is at a higher elevation, 7000 feet. So it has wonderful temperatures in the month of July. The Base Camp has an average temperatures of 75 to 80 degrees in July. Much nicer temperatures than places at lower elevation. You will need a minimal amount of air conditioning, if any. But you may need a little heat in the mornings before the sun comes up. Do expect cool mornings.
Many of the areas around the Base Camp will be at elevations of 8000 to 10,000 feet. Temperatures will be much cooler up there. Please make sure to bring warmer clothes and even rain gear with you if you plan on going to these areas.

What's for dinner at Rally In The Pines?
At Rally In The Pines we will have a hot dog/S'more campfire roast on Friday night and the Western BBQ Dinner on Saturday night, featuring BBQ sandwiches, fruit salad and potato salad. Dinners are included.

We will also have a pancake breakfast Friday morning that is included with your registration!

What should I bring with me to Rally In The Pines?
Bring an ATV and/or Side X Side. Bring enough water for your entire stay, gas for your machines and propane. The Rally Base Camp will have cooler Summer temperatures than most places in Idaho, because of it's higher elevation. Because you will be riding in the high mountains, bring warmer riding clothes and rain gear. Bug spray is a good idea on the rides. But we have not needed it at the Base Camp. We have no mosquitoes! Bring everything that you normally take when you ride. And if you fish, defiantly bring your fishing pole and tackle. The fishing is world class and you will have 2 lakes, 2 rivers and a reservoir to choose from. Many within a short distance of the Rally Base Camp. Stop by The Bent Rod in Challis for all your fishing needs.
There is a hot springs in the area too! So maybe a bathing suit?

Is my dog welcome at Rally In The Pines?

Yes, your dog is very welcome at Rally In The Pines and on the rides. We ask that your dog be on a leash in the Rally Base Camp and no dogs are allowed in the Rally Pavilion area. Please clean up after your dog. Your dog must be in control at all times. For everyone's sake at the rally, any dogs that bark constantly, their owners will be asked to leave the event.

Do I need to register my ATV or Side X Side in the State Of Idaho?
ATV Licence

The law in Idaho has just changed and everyone now must have a valid Idaho registration sticker on their machine. If you do not have a valid Idaho registration sticker, they are $12. Here is a link to order your sticker from:

Helmets are required for all passengers 17 years of age and younger.
For complete Idaho regulations please visit:

Can I change names on my registration?
Yes you can make one name change on your registration up to June 1st at 5:00pm mt. You can change a driver, passengers or an additional drivers name. This change must be done by email, from the email given on the registration. The Rally In The Pines Board Of Directors must approve all name changes on registrations in advance. Please submit all proposed name changes for 2023 by email by 6/1/23. After we receive your email, we will email you back with a link to a "Name Change Form" that you must fill out and submit. After we receive your filled out Name Change Form, we will email you a confirmation of the new name and ticket.
We can add an email to our email list, but we can never change an email address on a registration. WE CAN NOT MAKE ANY NAME CHANGES AFTER JUNE 1st.

Why doesn't anyone answer the office phone right before or during the event?
Unfortunately, we do not have a full time office staff to do a multitude of changes on registrations. From approximately July 1st, through the events, we have no one in our offices. Everyone is working on-site with very limited phone and internet access. Please email and/or call with your questions and requests prior to July 1st. After that, we are ready to rally! Thank you.

Refund policy:
There are no refunds or credits given for any reason. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we must have this policy. And everyone who registers is made aware of this policy and must sign that they are aware of this policy before they register.
We are a mostly volunteer group and most of our large expenses must be paid months in advance of the event.
All of your registration fee goes to making a great event.

Our no refund policy includes, but not limited to, for current/past events, registrations, camping, food and/or registration deposits.

All rules, schedules, policies and activities are subject to change. Rally In The Pines reserves the right to refuse event admission or expulsion from the event at the Board of Directors or organizers discretion.
Rally In The Pines reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these policies, terms (rules and regulations) at any time by posting the amended Terms. Please check these Terms periodically for changes.

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